In the beginning

In the beginning, as a phrase, conjures up awe inspiring emotion. Many have tried to explain just what the Beginning of existence is or was. Most have failed miserably. In studying the writings one finds on Earth, one may come to the conclusion that many of the writers were trying to sound important and knowledgeable with little foundation of fact.

Genesis in the Bible is like reading a  Fairy Tale. Scientific writings about the accidental creation of life are just as bad.

In the beginning denotes an occurrence. Who caused the occurrence and what was it exactly.

Thou Art Immortal as a statement is redundant. Thou Art is true. Immortal added in places one in a time stream. Time or no time, one is.

The beginning, is the point of simultaneous creation of something called energy. Energy itself is a coincidental creation composed of three components, particle-space-duration-none of those components can exist without the other.

In the beginning, one assumed a viewpoint inside the created energies, one became part of one’s own creation. The viewpoint one assumed became what one created as a viewpoint. Thus, one began taking on the characteristics of energy.

The Primary form of a being became one of invisible energy-invisible to the human eye that is. Usually, the form took the shape of a sphere. Later on, with the advent of humanoid type forms, beings tended to maintain an energy shape resembling those forms.

Energy, by its very nature, tends to become solid. Galaxies, stars and planets are an obvious example. Beings too tend to become solid. With solidity comes a decrease in power and therefore ability. Amnesia is a primary example of a liability of solidity. Other liabilities include, psychosis, destructive acts, humanoid body dependency, stupidity, false perception, telepathic shutdown, illogic, gullibility, unknown purpose, inability to handle emotions, dependency on systems of unfounded beliefs and so on.

Beings solidified, fall prey to power brokers selling a bill of goods to further their own ends.

In the beginning, you were the God of Earth’s fables. You, along with everyone else created this universe of energy. Solidity has ruined your knowledge and capabilities. Evil always begins with one’s desire to destroy self. Such a desire comes from a wish to stop self from creating evil. The real solution is to unsolidify, not to avoid eating apples.