The Game Immortal Existence

I am that I am. A timeless truth applying to all humankind through out the universe. Not the physical form, but the spiritual.

I exist is an obvious statement. But the condition of that existence is not so obvious.

The human form was created as a game piece. Spiritual beings wore them to play the game.

It was game over when one lost their human form.

A new game began when one obtained a new human form.

How many times has one played the game of life in this universe, billions upon billions.

Earth is just the latest play ground for all those who are here.

The horrid thing about earth is, we all came from the same place, we used to be team mates.

Our enemies utilized the most horrid technologies to make us forget who and what we are.

They figured if the could keep us embroiled with all the ills of Earth life, we would never remember.

Racism, psychosis, sexual perversion and hatred are the tools used to keep us embroiled.

Programmed amnesia is the platform upon which these tools are built.

I can say this with all honesty, everyone on Earth used to be the best of friends.

Of course that was a very long time ago and in a different part of this universe.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if some morning with the sun shinning, everyone woke up from the oblivion of amnesia

and looked around and said,I remember who I am. Om my, what have I been doing?

The streets suddenly filled with with old friends getting to know each other again.

There’s a new game, recover our friendship, recover our knowledge and re-enter the star lanes to make this universe a better game again.