Drugs, The Spiritual Factor

Drugs, The Spiritual Factor

Multibillion dollar drug companies blare their feel-good commercials across network television without regard to responsibility. They lack a clue as to the effects of their products upon the spiritual well-being of anyone. They are under the assumption, apparently, that one and all are animals. I have news for them, there are two distinct parts to every human being. The humanoid body and the person them self, the spirit. The spirit part is the person. The body is an interface for life interactions. It is not the person no more than a computer case is the computer. With that said, what one does to the body effects the spirit. The problems encountered in everyday existence are of spiritual source. To neglect this obvious fact is to spell doom for humankind.

Let me be very clear here. When one invokes a solution to remedy a problem, one better be sure they know what the problem is. Dispensing mind bending drugs so one feels good is not only a poor solution, but a deadly one. These types of drugs were used in days of old to nullify a beings responsibility by giving a false sense of well-being. They would wonder around during an enemy invasion and smile thinking how beautiful everything is. Pretty darn sad. Then, there is the other side, ruthless, deadly behavior invoked by drugs that makes the being think he/she is fighting a war against a terrible enemy and they go around killing their family and friends. Again, pretty darn sad.

The real problem on Earth is the lack of awareness of spiritual self. This in turn shuts off the perception of previous existence and all of one’s experiences. With this out of view, one can’t really spot the problem or its solution.

The spiritual mind is infinite. Unlike a hard drive on a computer, its capacity is unlimited. The content or data stored is a record of everything one has done since the beginning of this universe – Emotions, problems and solutions, misdeeds, good deeds, ad infinitum. Everything one has in this lifetime times to almost infinity. Now pick a problem like feeling down about life. How many times has one felt this way? How many different solutions has one put into place to solve this feeling? Well, let’s say billions of times on both counts. Now in present day, drug companies say you can solve this problem by taking their drug, “You’ll feel wonderful”. Get my point. The real solution is spotting what changed in one’s life to get them feeling down, what happened a week or two before that preceeded this feeling? Once spotted, one would feel relief. But further on, one would have to be able to track it all the way to the first incident of feeling down because that is what holds the mental energy in place.

The real solution to handling life and its problems is a spiritual approach, not an organic one. One is immortal whether one believes it or not. This life time is but a grain of sand in one’s whole existence. Manipulating a grain of sand to handle a desert full just doesn’t work. One has to handle the whole desert.

When the body you are wearing dies off and you pop out and look around, just remember, you’ve done this billions of times before. Nothing really scary. But for crying out loud, stay off of drugs, otherwise you abilities as an exterior spiritual being will be greatly inhibited. It’s tough enough on Earth without adding drugs to the equation.

Andar Grey