Creation and Evolution

It’s funny to me, the argument over creation and evolution. Evolution is part of the creative design of this universe. How else would organic forms possibly survive all the variable planetary conditions.

Of course this universe and everything in it follow designed patterns. Every material thing here is on a course to find

equilibrium, thus thunder and lighting, planetary orbits, earth quakes, tornados on planets and in space.

The original thoughts that put this all in place are contained in all energies.

Energy is a bit of a misnomer. It’s actually particle-space-duration. Everything here is floating in a sea of particle-space-duration.

It’s quite marvelous and beautiful.

The basic ideas and concepts holding all this together designed a cycle of action where things are born, evolve, and come to an end, only to start over again.

I can’t tell you how times galaxies in this universe have followed this cycle of action.

Behind all this marvel is some of the most creative thought one could imagine. Just look at a flower, or the ocean rolling in or a person walking down the street, tell me it isn’t so.

Imagination is the key, because before all this came to be, it was imagined.