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I answer legitimate questions. I spent quite some time as a universal historian. You think the brief history of this planet is wild, try universal history. You can email


Why does it feels as if the stars are calling my name or I get a strong urge to leave the planet and there into the void. I feel this energy that draws me closer to the outer spaces. Its quite hard to understand but could you help me understand what it is?


Hi Ariel,

Well, you are from the stars.

You are probably feeling loneliness for your previous home planet.

Earth is a prison planet of undesirables from previous cultures.

Undesirable, because one didn’t fit in with the powers that were and what they were trying to accomplish.



So if you are really an Alien, and know so much about our
spiritual being of existence, can you tell me how a quantum
computer works?  Has any advanced alien civilization attempted
in building one and successfully commercializing it?
What kind of computation power does it have?
A.Quantum Computer technology as discussed on Earth today is
a beginning. Alien Computer Technology operates in a realm far
above the concepts here. The wavelegths involved are on a level
of telepathic communication-faster than light technology.They are
also Infinity based logic, not 0,1. These computers were in
full commercial use as Personal assistants, Data Centers, Ship
Navigation and Control, Planetary weather Control ad infinitum.

Q. Another question, so who is Jesus really?
A.       His spiritual identity is As Nor.
Q. Was he an alien and tried to teach us something?
A. Yes.
Q. If he was not an alien then he must have been God
for real right? Can you explain the idea of the trilogy?
Wouldn’t all aliens be God’s creation since the beginning
of time (creation), and so we all should worship him right?
A.  As I have stated before, we all are responsible for creating this universe.
Since you are an alien in a human body I presume,
how did you remember that you are really an alien
instead of making it up?
A. That’s a story in itself. I am that I am, I know that I know.

Q. Since you look just like any of us. Do you have a picture of yourself in earthly form?



A. No pics, too many wackos on Earth.

Q. From Tomislav

How do you explain the beginning of the universe? Is our ‘big bang’
theory true?
Is it really infinite?
Are you able to travel with ‘transwarp’ speed, or infinite velocity?

How many chemical elements are there in your periodic table?
Is our chemistry correct? Can you see protons ond other subatomic particles?
Is there anything beyond subatomic?

Do you approve killing animals for our own pleasure, such as eating them
and wearing fur and leather clothes?

A. It was a big bang, all right, from nothing to something. See the article Titled ‘In The Beginning


No, it is not infinite, it has finite boundries, but is continually expanding.

All interstellar craft travel at speeds measured in powers of ten faster than what you call lightspeed.

As I have said, the basic element of this universe is a Particle-Space-Duration. All more complex forms have this element and its characteristics as the base. The entire universe and all its forms mimic this PSD. That’s why planets are round and on and on.

Q. From Igor

Is there any possibility to travel faster than light?A.
Light itself, has many speeds including the spectrums above visible lightspeed. Interstellar communication systems utilize speeds that could be considered intstantaneous. Intergalactic and intragalactic calls were quite common just like cell phones on Earth today. Interstellar craft travel at speeds denoted in the powers of 10 times faster than what you refer to as lightspeed.

I feel very inspired by your answers but also somewhat puzzled:
You said in many cases that we are higher beings, Gods as you say. I can
come to understand that, maybe because human selfishness but how come
our touts are so dependent of out material existence then? What I am
trying to ask is why we are able to take away ones understanding of
music by just extracting a portion of ones brain that understands it?
This does not fit in well with the belief that our bodies are only a
shell, at least with my point of understanding the issue.

I wish you well;

The human body is a brilliantly engineered game interface. The brain is the control point much like a computer, hard drive and all and you are the computer operator. Beings down through time have become much too dependant on bodies to interact with life and existence. If something in the brain breaks, well… there goes the computer and the operator can have one heck of a time getting it going again. This is quite often the case with folks suffering severe head injuries, their computer is blown apart and they have lost the communication channel to the outside world. Programs installed by education and life experience can be corrupted, but the real failing is the being not using its native abilities as a backup.

Hi Andar, my name is Stewart. I have read everything on your site and let me tell you it was a very weird experience. I have had some pretty unusual feelings my entire life, this one any way, that I have never been able to put into words. Feelings about life and what everything means. When I was 4 years old I went to church for the first time, and have had a problem with it ever since. As a four year old child I knew for certain what I was being taught was incorrect, I have no idea how but I knew. Since then I have been for a lack of better words wondering. That is until I met a man whom I became quite good friends with and who told me some of your stories. At the time I was flabbergasted. The few things this man told me where the things I felt my entire life but before that point was unable to explain. The personal conclusions I had come to where put into words and confirmed by someone I had, to my greatest knowledge, never met before. This alone was quite amazing. The meaning behind truth was what caught my attention the most. Again since I was a child I never believed in truth. Simply because I knew how easy it was to lie. how can anything we have ever been taught be true? Listen I could sit here and type forever about the difference you have made in my life but I have one question. You wrote that some time in the 5th Q the amnesia is prophecies to be eliminated. I was wondering if you could explain what we could maybe expect to happen. if you could please read this and post me your answer it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Your friend Stewart.
During the great war and all previous wars in this universe, technology was bent on personal destruction, no one envisioned the final result, total amnesia. Technologies have recently come to light that will enable full restoration of the spiritual self. There is one form here on Earth, look and you will find it.

Is the way the world is at the moment being monitored by your friends up in the stars? To them, is it good? Is it bad?
A. This planet is monitored. To your enemies, it is good, to your friends, its bad.

Dear A,

Since you haven’t yet answered my last mail, I will assume you enjoy holiday weekends like everyone else.

Put one on the Barbie for me.

Anyway, I’ve decided to keep an open mind and research everything to the maximum. I have the time now and it will challenge my mind. In the beginning, I was very skeptical and angry at just another nut on the net.

You’ve sparked my interest with a few key thoughts and things that few know or understand concerning the nature of true physics and metaphysics. That was enough for me. I take the hook quick like a first class worm when it comes to a broader intellect. Since I am no star english student myself, I can hardly judge you by your grammer skills or similar. So..I’ve cleared my mind have taken off any “blinders”.

I’ve started by reading everything on your site.

Very interesting viewpoints. Some I agree with, others I have a problem with. But..thats what I will research.

I already know from experiences working at secret installations that all the ET stuff is nothing more than a cloud cover for real research. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t think their are other life-forms in the universe. I have had access to the highest priority areas in the US and, so far, I have never seen any evidence of ET’s, unless it’s those cab drivers in NYC that wear turbins on their heads and talk funny. Just kidding. Seriously, I will read any letters you send me and take everything you tell me as fact until proven otherwise. I’ve found in the past that it is the best way to research anything. Start from a trust point and then seek proof to tear it down. But, I am an honest scientist and will only tear down with real proof. If you wish to communicate with me on a one to one basis without posting on your site, that’s OK. I will welcome your input and all you share will be confidential until you say otherwise. Our communications will be part of my research and if and or when I am convinced of what and who you are, I will introduce you personally to the greatest minds on Earth and into many high priority areas that I am still classified for. After that, if and when, I will personally host you without cost to you whatsoever. We will then continue together to discover new vistas, as you once said, “for the betterment of all mankind”. As this has always been my prime directive in life.

I hope you will accept my offer and will continue private or public communications with me.


Dr. John Wolfe


Dear “A”,

How about I drop discussions into your intellectual level and we get down to the meat.

Personally, I don’t use anything as a “measuring stick” for great intellect. The level of intellect manifests itself in each and every living or non-living being at any dimensional level of the matrix of universal interrelation. I just associated your responses to many of those that are typical of adolescent beings here on Earth that are self-absorbed and spend a great deal of time reading, watching, and living in self-made worlds created out of science fiction. You might admit that just one reference of the name “Andar” is reflective of that indulging and a bit corny. Why not just “joe”, or “sam”.  Andar is a name used in known science fiction materials. Reading more of past questions and answers to AlienQ, it gets really corny, but endearing, reminding me of my childhood watching Buck Rogers at the old dime theater.

And I return the question to you; What do YOU use as a measuring stick for great intellect?

Your request to “be specific” to have a “logical discussion” would consume too much time and space. I’m sure that if you are truly “logical” and not mentally ill, we can have a discussion that is perfectly logical and having a point to it all.

Yes, I did read that comment about not expecting anyone to believe, but to remember who and what we are. Just to recap…who and what do you believe we are other than the obvious?

I didn’t ask you to accept Dr. Einsteins views as scientific fact. I only shared what is the truth that is known to many people that knew him well. I don’t recall his belief that nothing can travel faster than light and his theory of relativity was never completed. Therefore remains theory and not a personal statement from him. I can only deduce by your comment on Dr. Einstein, that his “view” of God is the single thing that bothers you. Theories are just that; theories. But his personal views about God and Jesus upset many, so don’t feel like the lone ranger. I’ve noticed in past Q&A’s that the questions concerning God and especially Jesus always hit a nerve with you.

You deliberately try to avoid discussing or mentioning the name of Jesus. I don’t mean to psycho-analyze you, but did you have any unfortunate experiences when you were a child?

Yes, all the scientific community is a “mouthful”. I said they know, I didn’t say all of them admit to it or advocate it. Most people want to be accepted and belong. So many scientists will just “go along with the flow” and not “make waves”. But…they know the truth by real evidence.

The part of the scientific community that does advocate the truth is there, just not sought after. A lie is always accepted first, it just sounds better.

The truth is more often hard to take, because it has the effect of changing ones life dramatically. Most people are lazy and comfortable in their lives and don’t welcome dramatic changes, for the better or worse. For the same reason a drunk never sees that he has a problem. Of course its also interesting when truths are twisted or manipulated into lies. There is a book that was once a best seller called “Conversations with God”.  First chapter sounds really good and comforting. Then as one with wisdom reads on, finds truths riddled and twisted into a lie.

Much as you do with your answers to questions posted.

Much of what you say is true and a part of the endless interrelated matrix of the universe, but bits and pieces that complete that truth are deliberately missing and leave one to easily misconstrue its meaning and actually lead one away from the truth.

Please don’t be shocked when I tell you that I’m impressed at your understanding of true physics and metaphysics. But, again, in your answers there is much missing and no proof offered to substantiate your claims. You just answer what you choose to answer and what you do not choose to answer is never seen by the public. Case in point: If you are a truly all the things you say you are and everything is what you say it is, then I would gladly host you at no expense to you and present you to the world and give you a much greater platform and for the “betterment of all mankind”.  Let me know if you want to take my offer and challenge. I will meet you with an open mind. I’m always willing to learn, if there is something to learn.

You asked how many of the scientific community “arrived at such a fabulous conclusion”.

They arrived at “such a fabulous conclusion” through hard scientific evidence. Not through unproven theory or popular unrivaled beliefs and teachings. These scientists, many personal friends of mine, were originally stone cold athiests and pure scientific mindsets. As they transcended rhetorical academics and ventured out to discover the truth, every small step of hard proof was gathered and studied over many years.  Between four of us, there is the sum total of 160 years of serious search and study. Not to mention many other of the other scientists that have discovered truths in physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics. One such friend is Dr. Yacov Rambsel. He is one of the worlds most brilliant mathematicians. He has a great site at: Once a well respected Rabbi in the Jewish community, as well as a great scientific mathematician, engaged in curiosity the “codes” that were studied by Sir Isaac Newton the last seven years of his life. As Dr.

Rambsel studied the “codes” deeper and deeper, he discovered things that changed his life forever. His site is another place to find the truth. In the interrelational matrix of the universe and this experience there is NOTHING that is out of order unless man’s freewill choices change that order. The universe and this experience is like a beautiful dance of endless elements that can literally take ones breath away at times when noticed. But we here in this experience have all become lazy and numb to the ongoing miracles all around us moment by moment. The chaotic theory died because it was just a theory and could not be proved by any hard evidence. The overwhelming order in just the human eye still boggles my mind and thrills me to keep searching for more.

There is intelligence that is beyond any human comprehension invloved in the order of such awesome creations as the human eye, as well as the rest of the body. The very order of the planets…one degree off here or there and they would crash into each other or into the sun. Who did this?  I know you have your answers and you believe them. But, I suggest that there is ONE intellect that is the creator of all of this and that creator is our true “Father” and that the very essence of LOVE created everything so in that being there would be a joy of all the experiences that go with it. I don’t see any other point to it all, but that God is our creator, whatever “God” is doesn’t matter. In Zen, to define what something is, it is no longer that. How about just “Our father that is in “heaven””, as a good and loving man called Yeshua(Jesus in the Greek) once said. To be like children, to keep it simple, to love and forgive and to honor the gifts of our “father”. To find the happiness of this experience in each other and this beautiful planet. Not to try to destroy anothers beliefs, but rather to just love them and pray that they will find the truth that will set them free. Not needing to find alternative lives and create non-existant worlds for our bodies or minds, but to live in this one in peace and in the joy of it.

Yes, “authorities abound in the absence of knowlege”

as you said. And knowledge without wisdom is pointless. A wise man admits that he does not know anything for sure, but rather lets all manifest itself in evidence for all to see. So in that, I see that regardless of our differences of views and choices, you have goodness, kindness, and patience in you. We should all be “aliens”.

With this round, I will close with these thoughts; “A man that needs proof of God, is a man that lights a torch to see the sun”

“There are two ways to live life. One, as though nothing is a miracle. The other, as if everything is a miracle”

Expect a miracle and watch your life change into something greater than your dreams.

– Dr. J Wolfe

Dear “A”,
I’m surprised that you actually posted my letter to
you. I assumed that you were just a fraud with
psychosis that would never be fair in a question and
answer situation, or just a bot that randomly takes
questions and answers them with programmed
pseudo-intellect. I’m somewhat convinced that you are
not a bot, but not entirely. Artificial intelligence
gets better every day.
I will be very surprised if you post this letter, as I
will be far more brutal intellectually with you. First
of all, if you are really an “alien” being with such
vast knowledge of everything….then why are your
responses lacking in that great intellect?
What response or responses exactly?
What is your measuring stick for great intellect?

Most of your statements reflect the literary abilities
of a sixth grade English student. The very grammer of
your responses betray your educational level and your
ideas of the “truth” are flawed with many elaborated
statements that have been archived in science fiction
books, movies and television shows.
Again, be specific, generalities have no place in logical discussion.

Although many ideas of those science fiction stories
are based on factual discoveries and technologies,
continuity and clarity are always missing. Such is
also the case with your answers. Your answers are
generalized and offer no proof for your claims. For
someone that desires to better mankind, you are lazy
in your efforts. You just make statements and we are
expected to accept those statements as the truth.
If you read further in AlienQ, you’ll find a statement to the effect, “I don’t expect anyone to believe, rather to remember and know.
I’m an advocate of the interrelated universe theory. I
admit that many of your statements have some bits of
truth to them in the vast matrix of interrelation, but
there is again no continuity to weave the whole
picture together so that there is a complete “blanket”
of factual, evidential truth. Philosophically, truth
is whatever one sees it to be. In that, everyone has
their own “truth”. But, is that “truth” fact or
fantasy? You sound more like someone that has a
limited education, reads and listens to a lot of
science fiction material, lives in your own world of
”truth” and a desperate need to be looked up to as
something greater than what you are at the expense of
Just so that you know, all of the truly intelligent
scientists, know the truth by the hard cold scientific
evidence. I will just take one out of many. Dr. Albert
Einstein not only believed in God, but knew that God
is the creator of all we know and understand by shear
weight of scientific evidence.
I can hardly take Einstein’s views as scientific fact. He is wrong on many counts, such as nothing can travel faster than light and Theory of Relativity.
He knew that great order of things is evidence of great intelligence and
power. True.
Further, TOTAL ORDER to an infinite level is
evidence of absolute intelligence and absolute power.
This universe is fairly orderly, but Total order to an infinite level, really, this is a bit much. Absolutes are unobtainable in this universe.

The kind of power that could create the universe and
all that we know and understand. No “primordial soup”
as Dr. Sagan suggested or “evolutionary” rise of men
from “ape-like” creatures that crawled ashore as sea
creatures over millions of years. These are the
fantasies born out of the egos of men. The truth is
that all the scientific community knows that the earth
is not more than 12,000 years old and that most living
things and elements were created in seconds, not
millions of years as taught in almost every school in
the US.
All the Scientific community is really a mouthful. These folks all know the Earth is 12,000 years old. Wow, I’m astounded. Just who is this scientific community? And how did they arrive at this fabulous conclusion?
The very creator of carbon dating has publicly
stated that carbon dating is not a reliable standard
for testing the age of anything. Dr. Carl Baugh, one
of the most respected scientists in the world has a
great site:
If you really want to find and share the truth for the
betterment of all mankind, that’s a good beginning. I
might also ad something that my grandfather taught me;
”Knowledge without wisdom is useless. The only path to
wisdom is through humility”. My last question this
round is the same one I first asked: Why?
Why indeed. To get folks involved, discussing and thinking in an effort to rid this planet of the great authorities and replace them with wisdom.
“Authorities abound in the absence of knowledge.”

Dr. J Wolfe

> I came across your site by accident and was amused,
> but saddened. I seriously doubt you would post any of
> this, but I’m curious what your answers would be or if
> you will answer at all.
> First of all, I’m a retired specialist in physics and
> have worked at Los Alamos, Sandia and secret
> facilities in both Nevada, Utah and New Mexico. Just
> so that you know. So…my first question is: What
> is the point to your deception other than venting your
> athiestic fantasies on people? Did you ever think
> for a moment that a child might take your answers
> seriously and commit one of the millions of suicides
> in the US because you have convinced them that there
> is no God/Creator? If there is no hope, there is
> only hopelessness and no point to life. I think what
> you are doing is very irresponsible, heartless and
> uncaring towards your fellow man. In the light of
> the tragedy of Sept. 11th, what you are doing can only
> be construed as mental illness of the lowest character
> and depravity. Next to what you are doing, Hitler
> made more sense.
> So I repeat the question: WHY?
> By the way, your answers on the questions of TIME
> sound good, but is the biggest bunch of crap I have
> ever heard. The answers to questions of God and Jesus
> are even more rediculous. Which leads me to my last
> question: Why don’t you grow up, get a life, and seek
> out the real truth about everything? I think that
> would be more interesting and have a point to it.
> Dr. J Wolfe
A. Dear Mr. Wolfe,
My purpose is to reveal truth and give hope for betterment of all mankind.
My statement is we are all “God” and the creators of this Universe, a very responsible view.
A point of life is to shed the thousands of false beliefs and deal in facts and responsibility and obtain higher levels of awareness.
To recognize who and what we really are.
To once again enjoy the knowledge and competence once common amongst all beings in this universe.
To once again travel from lifetime to lifetime with full knowledge of all that has gone before.
Only responsibility and the courage to grab truth can bring this about.
Regarding Time.
This universe came from Nothing, a kind of sea of life, Individual Intellects existing in no space, no time,no matter, no energy.
These individual intellects create energy particles that appeared and disappeared instantly.
A quality of persistence is invoked…thus time or endurance came to be, but only in the created formations of energy.
The Intellects just are.
They assumed viewpoints within the energy formations and thus came about Being, Doing and Having within the creation called this
The highest purpose was to create effects.
Thus came about all that one sees “today”.
Time is simply a statement or postulate that particles will persist. This postulate is encoded in the particles themselves at the time of creation
along with all their other characteristics.
This universe could be looked at as the first child of life.
The creative energy involved would easily vaporize a galaxy.

Q.Is time travel possible?
DO aliens have any types of diseases?

A. Not Really. Time is a component of energy. It is part of an illusion called duration. Energy is particle-space-duration-(Time). This Universe is composed of energy as defined here. Every Being here could be considered as wearing energy and can display itself usually as a sphere of energy from 1 inch in diameter and up. Time tracking is the sequential recording of energy formations moving through space. Once an event has occured, that’s it. There is no return. In essence, a Being is always in the here and now. It can individually travel up and down its time track and view events. But cannot change those events except in its own universe.

Q. Where do we get the idea of God?(or other religions)
If Jesus truly existed then what type of alien was he that he was sooo
convinced he was the son of the one true God?
What is heaven?
Eventually when aliens die (if they do), where do their souls go? ( if they
have souls)
I was listening to the radio, AM 640 @ 10pm and they had an interesting
topic. They talked about a round ball of light (like energy), about the size
of a basketball? What do you know about it because I believe its alien
Please post these questions on your website.

A. The idea of God came from an Egardian Mind Program. Same as Hell and Heaven. The program was designed to subdue the enemy with false terrifying ideas of existence causing irresponsible behavior. Only when one can create irresponsibility, can one cause a state of existence where recovery is next to impossible.
Aliens, like the folks on Earth, “Die” and leave their humanoid form. They, in the societies still maintaining immortal knowledge, just go get born again in another body. Usually they have someone under contract to provide the new body.

A sphere of energy the size of a basketball is one powerful being. Normal around here is about an inch in diameter.

Q. Do aliens believe that time is a loop? Are there alien gods?

A. No. However they do know it has sub-qualities called cycles. Aliens in most cases live by philosophies and knowledge, not by beliefs. They are not any alien gods. However, lots of aliens are considered gods by folks on planets like Earth.

Submitted BY Ariel

I have an open mind, but I would like proof that you are really what you say you are and that all you say is true.
You have indicated that you have vast knowledge of information outside the normal human on Earth.

So I ask these questions. Each is progressively more intellectually difficult
and will tell me your intellectual capacity.
If you answer them, that will be part of the proof to me.
If you post my questions and your answers, that will be another part of proof to me. I ask these questions:
All questions after this one will be numbered:
Are you natural or artificial intelligent?
(1) In just two words, how would you describe yourself as a functional being?
(2) What is the original name of the planet called Earth?
It has many ‘original’ names. Telegrin Three will suffice.
(3) How did the universe, stars, planets, beings(coporeal and non-coporeal) come into being?
Beings are never anywhere but the here and now. Energy and its manifestations were created by
conflicting thought – kind of thought war between beings.
(4) What is the first three digits of the prime number that is common in the creation of “flying saucers”
or any interstellar conveyance?
(5)What is the number one major cause for all human disease and what are the two treatments, pre and post malignant?
The primary cause of human disease is the inability to handle the illusion called time.
In both cases, rehabilitate the ability to handle time.

Thankyou for answering and posting these questions and answers for us to see.

Submitted by Gaetan.

Greetings: Question 1 – From part of the galaxy are you ?

Question 2- Where did you learn English

Question 3 – What is your mission here ?

Question 4 – What’a civilised being like you doing on a planet like this ?


My previous lifetime, I spent in what you call the Andromeda Galaxy.
I arrived on Earth sans body so I had to pick up one here. So I learned English
the natural way.
My mission, the part I can discuss, is to bring some truth to this planet.
Good question, if I had my druthers, I wouldn’t be here at all.
Submitted by Kicki.

I would just like to ask how do UFOs fly? Its for a project at school. thanx


You are asking a very technical question, so I’ll do my best to explain.
This universe is composed of energy, not as defined by Earth science, but by the following definition.
Energy is in its smallest component, particle- space- duration, a coincidental creation.
Therefore, all things in this universe are energy. One eats energy, sees energy, walks on energy, feels energy, hears energy, and so on.
The only thing in this universe that is not energy is the life force itself. All beings are natively a quality of existence containing no energy or mass.
A being, natively, has the ability to teleport, communicates telepathically, moves energy and its manifestations at will.
Beings, in essence, created energy and this universe.
The technology of space drive and interstellar communications is based upon the native abilities of all beings. It was an effort to duplicate those abilities using mechanical means.
A ship in flight takes on the characteristics of a being, that is, a nothing materially speaking, utilizing energy fields to create motion. In this case, the motion is measured in millions of light-years per second. At these speeds one must also have a navigation system capable of detecting and avoiding objects well in advance of the ship’s arrival. Like radar, this nav system sends out high level energy waves traveling at billions of light years per second. These waves read the various energy formations in the path. The reflections are interpreted by the computer system and displayed for navigational purposes.
The computer systems in use make the ones on Earth look like mere toys.
A ship travels in it’s own self-created mini-universe by generating powerful fields running in opposite flows, positive to negative and negative to positive. The power for this comes from the ship engine which breaks down a fuel-like solidified hydrogen- into the basic components of energy. These particles are transferred through super cooled conduits to directional field amplifiers and then outside the hull of the ship.
The gravitation effects of planets and stars are not a factor in ship travel.
I hope this helps.

Submitted by Dylan.
I believe you, but I have to know some stuff.
How do you know english? Where are you from?
And what do you mean planting seeds?
I have read about that.
I have a book called aliens.
It talks about Area 51, seeds, MIB agents being
aliens trying to keep people away from the truth,
and other stuff.
The symptoms of being planted here for me are strong,
but still I don’t believe I am an alien seed.
I don’t like the idea of my real home being among the stars.
Please post an answer, and please e-mail me.
I am an immortal being, just like you.
The reason I know English is I started a new lifetime on this planet
just like you.
As far as alien seeds are concerned, you are you no matter what.
The body you are wearing is a genetic creation. It’s purpose to to provide a means
of physical interface with others. That’s all bodies were ever intended for.
Genetics do influence your behavior to the degree you think you are a body.
My previous lifetime was spent in many different star systems in what you
call the Andromeda galaxy.

Submitted by Chuck

Here are some question I would like to ask about you.
Are you serious? Is Andar Grey really mean what he is saying.
Or am I misunderstanding the web-site and is simply nothing more but a site to post Sci-fi stories?
What Andar Grey wrote, especially regarding about black-holes, above speed of light,
time and about interstaller communication seems nothing more but invention of a very prolific mind.
Please respond, Ihave posted question to many sites like you and all have failed to give me a reply.


Dear Chuck,
AlienQ is a Zine for stories and for Andar Grey’s Alien Views.
What Andar Grey says it quite serious. No imagination involved, just cold statements of fact.
Hi,my name is silke’,I want to know,are there
aliens in our united states government?
and-what plans do they have for us humans?

Hello Silke’,
I really couldn’t say if there are aliens in the government itself.
I can say it is more than likely there is and has been contact.
The Gray’s, I know them as the Hwok Pur, are hired hands-hired to guard this solar system. Earth is a forbidden planet. Contact is supposed to be outlawed. But I’ve noticed a few things that lead me to think some type of contact has been occurring. Especially in the last 50 years or so.
If I find out anything concrete, I’ll certainly let you know.

Submitted by SSSHM18.

I want to understand who you are and the message that you’re trying to get across. But logic makes me believe what you’re saying is not true. I don’t think you can be who you say you are, because why would you go around telling people. Don’t you know that there are people out there who would do anything to get their hands on people like you.


Thank you for your note.
It’s true, there are people on this planet like that.
What I’m saying is quite true. I’ve found the truth to be quite a cover.
No one has bothered me yet.
Besides, Nothing on this planet is the least bit of threat to me.
I’ll loose this body at some point, I hope later than sooner, but I’ll just keep being me. It is quite possible I might even stay here for another lifetime.
My job is to plant the seeds. That’s all.
Other’s will bring them to fruition.
The internet has offered me a vehicle to reach as many people on this planet as possible with the least expense.
I do notice quite a few .gov and military hits on my site. But no direct contact.
I love the folks on this planet. We all were once part of a wonderful society.
I dislike what has happened to them. But in the greater scheme of things, this will be resolved.
Thank you for writing.

Submitted by Thompson.

I’ve just woken up.

Can you lend me a hand? I’m a bit angry…a bit sad,
quite in love with the potential of humankind.
The darkness is as clear as day, very upsetting,
everyone seems to wrap themselves in it, accept it.
If ya ask me, it’s a bunch of bullshit!
I’ve done this bit for a long time, it’s got to end.
They are not even trying to disguise it anymore!
Alien, lend me an ear and a thought.

Dear Thompson,
I know how you feel.
Rarely a day goes by when I do not see something that makes me gag.
The populace of this planet has been so brutalized they now act far worse than any animal , which was the intent of those who did it, yet have the capability to be a god.
Earth is not alone in this turmoil of insanity.
A new dawn is approaching, one of enlightenment and recognition. Not only of self but of old friends and dear ones thought long lost.
If they only had the slightest inkling of what treasure awaits on the other side of oblivion. But, in some part, my intent is to wake the sleeping giants so a small pinhole of light explodes into a gusher of knowledge and new life.
You know Thomas, there is only the here and now, never been anything else. The grand illusions we created and trapped ourselves with are an apparency solved by knowing.
No matter how many lifetimes go by, only the spark of knowledge will wake the oblivious. Earth is proof. No one ever leaves, but many keep arriving. And all are born again and again without memory of before.
I laugh when politicians bespeak of posterity sake, hell, they are the posterity, they are the future children of Earth. If they only knew.


Submitted by Karina. What are ufo’s and what are aliens? Do u think they actually exist?

A. UFO’s are, in most cases, nothing more than interstellar craft. Aliens are folks just like you. Of course they exist. Just as you exist. All beings are immortal, only the bodies they wear change.

What is a typical example of an alien name?

Andar, Steve, Fred, Goser, Jillian, Andrew, et al. Depending on the translation from one dialect to another.

Submitted by Thomas. Are you from Lemoria or else where? And are you currently at war? This information is very vital.

A. Most recently I am From a planet in what you call the Andromeda Galaxy.

My kind is at war and has been for quite some time. The battlefields are places like Earth. The enemy is ignorance, the deadliest enemy in this universe. And of course, those who caused the wholesale slaughter of immortal identity.

Submitted by A. Spearing. What does an alien look like?

A. All aliens look humanoid in form. There are many variations according to star and planetary environments. The Earth humanoid type is actually very common. Body sizes range from around 3 feet to eight feet. Skin tones range through a spectrum of colors. Just as earth types fall into many categories, so do alien types.

Submitted by Jokobob. Is the Terran race at war right now?

A. So to speak. The Terran Race was at war, that’s how everyone ended up on Earth in the condition they are in. The war awaits when the Terran’s recover their identities and memories and more importantly, their abilities.

Hi Andar. I have a question. I would like you to view and read about
the NASA proposal in 1981 to build a Self Replicating Lunar Space Factory.
Can you tell me what kinds of industrial processes are used by the modern
extraterrestrials? I mean the major ones and such. I imagine they have
molecular fabrication as an old easy tool. Why do you think the Human
societies on this Earth are not investing into space manufacturing in
significant numbers yet?
You once mentioned something about a whole asteroid belt composed of gold and how the ETs were wondering if it was naturally formed or else
artificially done. Does this mean some kind of large scale Nuclear Alchemy
Systems are in existence out there?
Thank you!

A. Which industrial process in use depends upon which society one is visiting. In the real high tech societies, the processes in use are eyes only top secret.

A real example is the manufacturing of ship’s hull. It is paper thin but able to shed meteorites. It gives the appearance of no molecular charge. It’s outer surface is used to radiate powerful faster than light energy fields and yet disallow those radiations from vaporizing the occupants of the ship. How is this done? The last I knew, only three societies were manufacturing ship’s hulls. And only one had a nearly flawless product.

Self-replicating is a good definition of what Earth folks call biological life. Its designs and ability to adapt are all part of the original thought code that brought biological life into existence. Biological life is our child or children, if one prefers. So is this universe, the non-biological side. Even here, the energy is following predefined patterns contained in their vary structure.

Galaxies have a cycle of life just as a plant does. It is born, it expands, it grows old, decays, implodes into itself and the newly released energy starts the cycle all over again. It has been so since the beginning.

So you see, it may be easy to mess around with plant and animal genes, but the basic particles of energy? The technology is so far above Earth’s knowledge, it’s like 5000 years ago, residents in a village encountering a space traveler and calling him/her God.

To understand energy and its manifestations, one has to understand self. The proliferation of religions and other -ologies on this planet proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, they understand very little. There is only one truth, that which is.

As far as other societies, they are existing on what little technology they can hold onto. A plague has been sweeping this universe for many billions of years, the Plague of immortal amnesia. Very few remember the beginning and fewer yet remember the fabulous technologies once extant in this universe. On Earth, very few remember or know they have lived before and will live again. I always smile when politicians do things for the children of the future, the sods do not realize they are the children of the future.

Q. Submitted by Jerry. I believe we are a superior life form and we are all gods but,
if we’re aliens from another world, then where did the other habitats
of this planet come from? Don’t tell me they’re aliens too! What is
their purpose? And do we keep coming back?
A. All Beings are immortal. Earth is a new planet by universal standards. Everyone here came from somewhere else. Very few here have any multiple lifetime purpose. They lack any understanding of their immortal identity. A good purpose would be to recover self and bring peace, sanity and prosperity to this planet.

Q. How do you build one of those space ships of yours?

A. Something I’m not at liberty to explain in detail but I have discussed the basics elsewhere in alien.
Q. I have been following your sight for a long time now, and I would like to tell you I believe I was abducted when I was four years old in Glendale, California. This happened shortly after I had a head injury by falling off an embankment into our neighbors driveway.
I always have had dreams about falling down and being contacted by strange
“humans”. In my later years I told my mother about these dreams and she told
me that I indeed did fall and the doctors determined I would not live for very long.
She said somehow I lived through it and grew up like any other person. She
thought I was out of my mind when I mentioned the part about what I now know
was an alien abduction – or in my case I believe they saved my life.
Even though they healed me in one way, I believe they are responsible for my
homosexual lifestyle. My total being was changed since they molested me in
the white room.
Many years later I had my one and only sexual experience with a woman and I
think she bore my child. I have never seen her since, except in my dreams.
Females do not excite me at all. I believe she was an alien using me, and this
planned ever since I had the accident. I even now think that they caused the
Do you think I have been abducted, and kept a virgin until I met this strange
woman? Please Respond on your sight. I will reveal myself later if I think
I can trust you.
Dave . . . . for now.

A. Anything is possible on this planet. Alien cultures pretty much have a free hand to do anything they wish. In your case, it’s either a real occurrence that happened in this lifetime… or a previous lifetime and the fall incident kicked it in. Time and place confusion is common among the beings of this planet.

Submitted by the Funkmastah.

Is there a way to leave our bodies without killing them, you know,
for a look out into the rest of the universe.
Is there some sort of ritual?
And how do we get out of purgatory for good?

A. Leaving one’s body can be quite a process. The problem is the amount of encycted energy surround one. It tends to keep one penned in. One could tell oneself to be three feet behind the body’s head and this could quite possibly happen. But again, the dormant energy can prevent the execution of one’s wishes. There is quite a bit involved here. Often times, if one sits quietly in a room with one’s eyes closed and mentally reaches out to the upper corners of the room, one could find oneself outside of the body, even briefly, during the several hours one should do this. However, one may or may not have sight or any other exterior perceptions except perhaps distance from the body.

Gettting out of purgatory for good involves the complete discovery of self and the eradication dormant energies. Of course, that’s the war. The residents of Earth lost an important battle, that’s why they are here, but the war continues. The enemy proganda machine is alive and well and their proganda was implanted into the minds of everyone here. Stand back and look how nuts this planet is. It’s no accident. Wars on Earth are always the same, only the weapons change.

Submitted by Unknown.

What is our purpose here on Earth?

A. That depends. From your viewpoint, the most valid purpose would be to reclaim your immortal identity and all the rewards that would bring. From the Viewpoint of the Hwok Pur your purpose is to be a good prisoner and stay on Earth in a state of eternal oblivion.

Submitted by Insiziony.

1.Could the human body move through dimensions without breaking molecules?
2.Do you believe in God?
3.What planet are we truly from?
4.Is our planet Atlantis?
5.Is Atlantis on Earth?
6.Do you know where the new location of Area 51 is?
7.How many different alien species exist?

A.1. If it was encased in a powerful field. But alas, there are not any dimensions for it to move through. This universe, contrary to romantic notions, is three dimensional.

2. We, are God.

3. It depends upon what one considers his or her HOME planet.

4. Atlantis or Atalantis was a civilization on Earth sometime back and also the name the planet, now an asteroid belt, outside of the orbit of Mars. Both were destroyed by alien war.

5. Only by what I ahve seen on TV.

6. There are many species of alien body types. But none range to far from the basic humanoid appearance.

Submitted by Eren.

What are the most common materials used to construct alien ships?
I know there must be varied species and groups who have varied technologies but what is a common hull material? I have heard that it is bolosilicate made via nanotech methods.
How common are matter replication machines for everyday consumer goods amongst the non Earth groups?

What are common energy sources?

A. Interstellar ships are designed around a basic principle in Faster than Light physics. This principle is based upon the Native abilities of beings in this universe. “A ship must appear to be not there”. In order to accomplish this, the Hull design must consist of materials oblivious to electromagnetic fields- a zero charge hull. A material, much like aluminum, is used. It is a highly flexible and light alloy. Beings, in the old days, transported themselves around the universe using, basically, two different methods, teleportation and high speed movement through space. The latter is, today, the common form of ship movement. Although there was a time when technology existed that enabled ships to teleport. They were called Coordinate Jumpers. Unfortunetly, that technology was lost in the early stages of the Plague of Amnesia.

Matter replication, as a technology, does not exist, except in “Star Trek”. The reason is this, the power involved in creating energy forms is way beyond the ability or scope of any material machine. Another factor, the computer technolgy involved in creating exact duplicates of one form is staggering even for space traveling civilizations. Another point here is the Transporters, they too are not real. However, at one time, ships did have Teleporters.

Energy sources are many and varied. Energy particle flows are created by bringing two or more energy forms of differing energy potential into close proximity. A common energy source in ships is the fusion of solidfied hydrogen.

The energy unleashed by this process is transported through supercooled conduits to field generators and then to directional field amplifiers. The hull, representing a being’s natural state, is surrounded by tremendously powerful faster than light electromagnetic fields. The higher the energy output, the higher the energy field frequency and speed of the ship.

A ship is actually a mini-universe traveling through this parent universe just as a being is actually a universe unto itself interacting with this parent universe created by all beings in residence. All interstellar technology is an effort to duplicate the natural abilities of beings.

Submitted by Chris.

My names Chris and I usually speculate the parodies of life. Well no one really knows how life started on earth. I have a theory about this. What if we were implanted here by an alien race that has been watching us ever since. There have been reports about UFOs through out time. What if we are just some experiment by a advanced alien race to observe evolution. I would really like to know what you think about this. Chris

A. The humanoid bodies on Earth were put here some time ago by an alien race. The last re-population took place 35,000 years ago. Evolution is a misnomer. The beings residing in these humanoid bodies have, if anything, de-evolved to a point of thinking they are evolving animals. Nothing could be farther from the truth. All beings are immortal. Humanoid bodies are not. So, the beings here go from lifetime to lifetime without knowledge of their previous existence on Earth and before Earth. The purpose behind aliens putting humanoid bodies here was,” it is easier to contain prisoners on a planet if they are wearing a material body and heavily involved in a material culture”. The awful truth is, everyone would probably have been better off if they had been left to wake up and re-establish themselves as Beings. Everyone on this planet seems to know they are immortal, but know little else.

Submitted by Black Dust.

Do you believe in ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) or do you think it is just a hoax? if you could give me some info on how you support your answer. It would be greatly appreciated.

A. ESP, as it is called, is nothing more than the practice of the native abilities of all beings. Consider this, without a body, all one’s perceptive endeavors are accomplished with “ESP”. In the time before bodies were created, beings communicated with and were identified by their energy fields and output and their personality. Besides amnesia, the main problem on Earth is beings very rarely practice or are able to utilize their natural abilities. They are stuck in a condition of being human. Their thought energy and fields are collapsed with the energy fields of the human body. Some even think they are nothing more than the human animal they wear. Once the human body dies, the being finds itself outside and unable, in most cases, to communicate with the folks it left behind. A very sad state of affairs. Now, there are those who claim ESP as an ability and they are putting on a hoax for the sake of money. Then there are those who still maintain some native ability, but rarely talk about it.

A being is a being is a being. Say the phrase, “I am that I am.” over and over again. You may begin to perceive you transcend time and the physical universe and the body you wear.

Submitted by unknown.

What do you think of Erich Von Daniken’s story of where man came from?
Tnx for a nice site … a friend

A. Man, as it were, came from many different planets and times.

Submitted by Ken.

What do you think would happen if, a very powerful but not aggressive fleet of unknown beings traveling in their ships were to pass through the Hwok Purs barricades and examine this planet just for the soul purpose of collecting information for themselves . What would happen if the Hwok Pur tried to stop them, but they were just simply over matched? Who else would come?What if those beings tried to free us?How come no one has tried to help us ?Have we lost the War?

A. The Hwok Pur guard this area with a vengeance. And have done so for the last 5000 years or so. Unwelcome travelers are met as if they were declaring war on the Hwok Pur. The HP have their orders and cannot disobey.

Submitted by Gordon.

I’ve heard some rumors that the grey’s have left earth, due to pressure
from other E.T.’s, and that Area 51/Groom Lake has been shut down.
Is this true ?
If it is, when did they leave and why ?

Also, do you know of any official landing by some E.T.’s ?

Thanks for a great site.

A. The last direct knowledge I have is prior to 1950 when I was off Earth. At that time the Gray’s were following the general policy regarding Telegrin Three-Earth. That policy was No-Contact. Now, it was rumored at the time that there had been contact and others were investigating. I have had one visit from my kind since I’ve been on Earth and that was in 1953, when my body’s age was three. The purpose of the visit was to ensure I had arrived in this new life OK.

Officially, the Hwok Pur would never admit contact or landing on Earth.

If any type of contact was established with an Earth government, the contact would have been completely stealth. Plus, an overtone of total destruction of this planet if anyone should divulge that contact.

I lack any knowledge of area 51, other than what I see and read.

Thanks for the compliment.

Submitted by Denis.

Hi Andar
Is There any truth in witchcraft , can we learn anything from it ?
Where is the safest place to go to when I die
and will there be anyone there to show me the way ?
is it possible to leave this planet once we die (without an interstellar craft) and go to some place safer?
And finally , Is it possible that there is still the remains of the old technology hidden somewhere on this planet or a near-by neighboring planet, If so how can we start looking for it ?

A. Not really in its folklore imagery. Its origins lie in the native ability of beings to create something out of nothing and so on. The beliefs and practices of Earth are all an attempt to somehow re-understand without the basic data to do so.

When your body dies the safest place for you is right here, at this time. Earth, as predicted, in some very old off-planet prophecies, will be the source of a new existence for all beings. It is doubtful if anyone will be there to show you anything. You’ll need to keep a stiff upper lip, so to speak, and find your way to a new body.

It is possible to leave this planet, not recommended at this time.

The same thought has crossed my mind, it is possible, but unlikely. The reason is, interstellar societies tend to remove any technology or artifacts of such from the reach of the likes of non-interstellar societies. That type of technology is extremely valuable and jealously guarded.

Submitted by George.

I heard you were abandoned by your crew. Do you still keep in touch with them? How long until they pick you up? What planet are you from?
A. True enough. No, Earth still lacks the technology for interstellar communication. It seems the only way I’m going to leave this planet is sans body. I’m from, most recently, a planet in the “Andromeda Galaxy”. It’s name translates into English as Safe Spot.

Submitted by Ken.

You are very interesting all of you ,Have you ever consider writing a book? you hardly ever back over something you said with something else.what a great basis for a real…… deeeep… movie.
question- are their any other prison planets with human occupants , Are humanoids the biological form of choice ? If their are other civilizations are any of them similarly matched with ours? does any other civilization experiment with space travel using caustic fuel rocket propulsion like us ? how would our gravity on earth effect a being of the HWOK PUR for an extended period of time . I mean the actual biological form not it’s being .

A. Yes, one is nearly finished. There are many other prison planets with human occupants. The biological form of Earth is actually quite common. Space travel with caustic fuel is an anomaly. Interstellar travel can only be accomplished by the utilization of faster than light energy fields and propulsion systems. The Hwok Pur could live on Earth easily, since their planet and planets are quite similar.

Submitted By Richard

Are the aliens known as the grays really malevolent abductors trying to gain our genetic material for underhand purposes, or are they merely curators or technicians in a higher entity (dimensional or otherwise) experiment to see if humans have the ability to create a destiny themselves or doomed to have the fates played out for them by others with greater power!

Answer: The Grays guard this planet as part of the stellar territory. Primary Purpose. A list of the residents of Earth reads like a WHO’s who of universal history. Genetics or more properly, Organic Engineering, plays some role in the captivity process, but not a major one. If the residents of this planet wake up one day with total recall, their captors are in for some real trouble. The Grays could really care less about Humans, what they do care about, is you the immortal being. It scares them to hell and gone to even consider the residents of this planet may recover their identities and memories.

Submitted by Benno

HiThe next level of existance. I like theory’s from scientists. I like what you have to say — very much. I think it would be well worth your time to go to this site

I just read through it and would very much like to know your take on the whole story.

I like to think I’m what people should be. Not a sceptic–not a believer–someone who understands all that could be and still comes up with his/her own ‘conclusions’ … for lack of a better word.

Love you site.


Answer: I went there. Interesting theories, but the problem is, as usual, Earth Science has it backwards. Life created Energy, not Energy created life. Life exists, period. Time and energy are creation of that which exists. Life transcends time and energy. You are life, Every resident on this planet is life. You are life wearing an organic form created out of energy by life.

So if you are really an Alien, and know so much about our
spiritual being of existence, can you tell me how a quantum
computer works?
Has any advanced alien civilization attempted in building one
and successfully commercializing it?
What kind of computation power does it have?

Another question, so who is Jesus really?
Was he an alien and tried to teach us something?
If he was not an alien then he must have been God
for real right?  Can you explain the idea of the trilogy?
Wouldn't all aliens be God's creation since the beginning
of time (creation), and so we all should worship him right?

Since you are an alien in a human body I presume,
how did you remember that you are really an alien instead
of making it up?  Since you look just like any of us.
Do you have a picture of yourself in earthly form?