What Am I

A question from Dennis. “What am I?”

An individual intellect.

An immortal being participating in the game called the physical universe.
An invisible entity depending upon human form for identity.
You are the source of thought and energy.
In the beginning and forever you just are.
In the physical sense, you are the ultimate nothing, an intellect capable of most anything.
This universe and all the others came from agreement of thought of untold amounts of individual intellects.
An intellect is a universe unto itself.
The energy of this universe has at its source absolute nothing. So when something was created that persisted, the energy created is what you now see all around you.

The intellects are not really in this universe, more like they assumed a viewpoint in this universe.
Much like playing a video game.
The native abilities of all intellects are;

Ability to be anywhere instantly.
Ability to create organic life.
Ability to create physical objects.
Ability to create and destroy energy.
Ability to make virtual particles persist.
Ability to wear physical forms or create and wear physical forms.

The story of interstellar technology comes from the attempts to make physical things do what intellects can do.

The longer one participates in this universe, they less ability they have. The reason is the viewpoint accumulates recordings of everything from the beginning.
These recordings could be called encysted energy surrounding the viewpoint.
Heavy beings may weigh as much as an ounce, which is incredible, since they are basically nothing in the physical sense.
When the human form dies, there is always a weight loss, that is the being, the intellect leaving the human form.